A short Intel Bio of Noel T. Benoist 

In the first five months of 1966 I joined the Army and completed Infantry and Special Weapons training that included demolitions. I passed the GT scores with an average of 148 or 178. It has been too many years to remember but it was well over 110 needed for Officer Training. I had already completed a year of college credits prior to enlisting. When I enlisted I had put in for Army Security Agency. I was in an accelerated program with OCS due to my high scores in all my written and skills tests. I was given the highest commanders evaluation ever given.

S-2 and G-2, as they were called in those days, approached me about going to ASA and MI schools and said they would take care of my commission and all the paper work: if I went with them my attendance at OCS would disappear but I would be commissioned after successfully completing their schools. I agreed and accepted the offer.

I went to Fort Devens Mass where Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Lewis L. Millett started the first Military Intelligence School and I was blessed by Col. Millett taking a personal interest in my career and in me truly becoming the best I could be. I went through ASA to MI and on to being an operative and analyst for NSA assigned to Internal Affairs. I was sent to bases and installations with low evaluations. I had to perform a job as a regular soldier while performing my real job of finding the problems and turning in a "fix it" plan of action. I successfully developed a “fix it” plan for every base and installation I visited. Within months of implementation they not only received high evaluations but they received Army Commendations and Presidential Citations.

I was also made a top member of the “Think Tank” and personally developed the plan that resulted in the exposure and capture of the Walker family and their work for the Russians. I was in Washington D. C. for the riots. I was in Germany by the boarder of Czechoslovakia and ready to go underground as a German local if the planned invasion took place. I was in and out of Vietnam for a number of missions.

From 1967 and all the way through to and after 9/11; I fought for the joining together of all our Intelligence groups so that we could become one cohesive team and rid ourselves of divisions and departmental competition. When I meet someone and find out they are or were connected to Intelligence I jokingly tell them that about 80% of the manual used today was written by me or because of me. That is about the way it was in the 60’s and 70’s; but with all the changes of today the picture has changed drastically. However, I will say that much of what I fought for all those years has now come to fruition.

My overseas code name was Phantom because ‘I didn’t exist’ and we used to call NSA “No Such Agency” because the National Security Agency ‘didn’t exist’. Stateside I was Protector. I dealt with every branch and division of the armed forces, MASAD, and all of the various agencies of the U.S. Government, C.I.A., C.I.D., F.B.I., O.S.I., and more. I also dealt with the English MI5, Israeli Mahsad, Interpol, and others. After getting out I stayed in Europe for awhile and counseled the troops of General George Patton Jr. at his request. The General gave me a General’s Pass for his command in Germany. I returned to the USA in 1973 and became active in affairs for veterans and fighting for better VA care and a better future for soldiers who return home. The future of our Intelligence Community has always remained my top priority because it is the future or our nation.

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                     I entered the ministry and have been doing that work since September 1979.

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