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I started with this statement because of those people who cannot believe anything they have not personally experienced and they believe about half of what they personally experience. They would try and say some mental influence caused my experience.  
In my case there was NO outside or “other” influence – there was GOD and a little boy who heard the terms God, Jesus, and church for the first time and they were words coming directly from God. There was no television and no evangelistic programs were on the radio. TV had not yet been invented and we listened to radio programs like “Whistler”, “Fibber McGee and Molly”, “The Shadow”, “Charlie Chan”, “Amos and Andy”, “The Untouchables”, and others.  
Some of these radio programs were turned into television programs when TV was invented in 1954 or so but I had already walked and talked with my invisible friend who said His name was Jesus God for three or four years before we saw the first TV.   There were no church programs on the radio and my good Jewish mother would have NEVER turned one on if any such program existed. We did NOT go to Synagogue because the Jews were persecuted and called “the Christ killers” in those days. There was NEVER so much as a mention of our Jewish ancestry until my experience FORCED the issue. I learned about our Lakota Sioux ancestry prior to my experience but that was as far as the family history had gone.   For me, ‘in the beginning there was God’ and I was in my bed just waking up and looking up at the ceiling. I was about 5 or 6 years old. It was close to the time my uncle helped us out by turning a building at the rear of the original house into a huge bedroom for my older brother and me. He turned the space between the old house and rear building into a living room and dinning area. I am sure I was looking up at the old ceiling just after an incident that probably caused the new construction. The old bedroom was a converted back porch with a curtain where the old screen used to be and looking into the old living room. The couch was situated just below what was once the windowsill.   I heard something like moaning and I stood up on my bed, up against that wall, and peaked through the curtain. My mother and her boyfriend were on the couch doing something I had never seen before. I started crying because I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t know if my mother was being hurt but I didn’t like what I saw and I KNEW THAT! Mom and her boyfriend both turned red and shortly after that we had a new and very large home and bedroom. Maybe there will be more on that some day in my life story.   That night I went back to sleep greatly troubled. The next morning I was looking up at the ceiling still angry with Mom's boyfriend. I had several thoughts going through my head when I suddenly heard “good morning” so clear and from someone else. It sounded totally audible and I looked around to see who was there. The voice said it again, “good morning”. I knew there was no other person in the room and wondered if it was coming through the curtain or from some trickster placed speaker in the room. It startled me a bit and I uttered a “huh?” The voice said it a third time but this time a warm and wonderful feeling of LOVE came with it and I felt more comforted than I had ever known. It was an overwhelming LOVE beyond description. “Good morning” the voice said for a third time. This time I responded whispering, “Good morning. Who are you?” Then I had a thought of wondering if I was hearing the voice audibly or in my head.   “I AM Jesus,” the voice replied. It was as though it was audible but it was in my head and spirit. It was as though He spoke to every fiber of my being.   I suddenly realized I could hear Him in my head so I replied with what some might call ‘mental telepathy’. “I am Noel. I have a second name, Benoist. Do you have a second name?” My question was the peaceful curiosity of a child not the slightest bit influenced by any teachings for or against what was happening. Television had not yet been invented and there were no church programs on the radio. No one came to witness and we did NOT have a bible anywhere in the house. I had never seen a bible.   “Yes, I have another name - God,” the voice replied.   “Oh, Hi Jesus God, I am Noel Benoist.” I chirped like a small boy who just found a new best friend. I was excited about the LOVE I was feeling and I was talking to someone who decided to communicate with me in what MUST be a special way of communication. In addition to that, no one could see Him. “Why are you here and talking to me?” My question was from the heart of an innocent and curious child who had NO idea that, according to the world and prevalent teachings and beliefs, this kind of thing was not supposed to be happening. In those days they put people who said they talk to God in ‘luni bins’ as insane asylums were called at that time.   The voice replied with a very loving and comforting feeling going through my whole being as I heard, “I came to you because I have chosen you for a very special purpose and I will be to you a Father and you will be to me a son. My angles will stand guard over you and no harm shall befall you. If any evildoer trespasses against you I will come against that person. I have given you the power to seal up the heavens that it rain not and to call down the rain when there is none. I will train you in the way you need to go and though you will depart from it you will return.” Later in years I forgot all this in my conscious mind but it was still in my subconscious and spirit. I remembered it in detail when I came back to the Lord and the Prodigal son was welcomed and restored. I remembered playing with these powers as a child. I tried some experiments and the powers still seemed to be intact. I remembered how I felt invulnerable in the service and the feeling that I was never going to get killed until it was my time lead me to do many so called heroic and crazy things.   Since my natural mother and father were divorced and I NEEDED this type of relationship: I readily received the answer and the relationship with the faith of a child. The timing and offer were PERFECT! I started walking and talking with Jesus God my friend who could not be seen nor heard by others. I also started asking my mother occasional questions that puzzled her as to where they were coming from. On a couple of occasions she asked who I was talking to and I said, “Oh… know one in particular, just wondering... I just had a thought and was wondering, that’s all.” Then I ran off to play and my mother returned to business in the beauty shop.   I was asking mom so many questions about God that one morning she sat me down for one of those conversations in which I knew ‘find answers or there is going to be trouble’! “How come you keep asking me questions about God?” As she asked she looked me in the eyes with that ‘if you lie I WILL know it’ look.   I started to tell her I was talking to Him and He said “Don’t tell her that or they will call you crazy and put you in an asylum.” I blurted out a troubled, “I don’t know! I just get these thoughts and I ask about them!”   Her look turned peaceful and loving as she said, “Honey, I am going to tell you why you are asking but you have to promise to listen to everything I say because you cannot tell anyone what I am going to tell you; and I am not only going to tell why you get the thought but also why you cannot tell anyone. Promise to listen to everything before you speak or ask questions?”   I was excited to get more answers. “I PROMISE!” I didn’t know it, but these answers were going to raise more questions and cause me to be greatly troubled. Those troubles would lead to my hearing more words and names I had never heard before.   Mom sat me down and told me about our Jewish ancestry and how people say the Jews killed Jesus and called the Jews “Christ Killers”. She told me her beautician business, our only means of support, would be ruined if I told anyone at all about our Hebrew/Jewish ancestry. She also told me how she had been told that God put a place in every Jew so that He could call us home to our land in the last days. She said she felt the last days may well be in my lifetime so God is starting to work on us and get us ready. She told me to just keep it all in my heart and spirit until God would make things clear. I felt relieved and headed back to our bedroom.   Suddenly I thought, “I am talking to a dead man and we killed Him!” I was becoming greatly troubled about my relationship with my invisible friend and I started to wonder if maybe I WAS crazy! I started to have dreams and nightmares.   One morning I woke up and heard, “Go to church” in that same, totally clear, voice. We were now sleeping in the new bedroom. I looked at my brother and said, “Jon, we need to go to church!”   My two year and nine month older brother asked, “What is a church?”   “I don’t know, all I know is we have to go to church”, I responded with a bit of desperate insistence.   “What do they do at church?” My brother was one of those who questioned every detail.   “I don’t know”, I replied sounding even more frustrated.   My brother continued his questioning, “Well then…how do you know we have to go to church?”   I thought about saying “Jesus God told me” and the voice said “Don’t tell him that because they will call you crazy and put you in a mental hospital.” The fear of saying any such thing hit me like a brick. My reply to my brother’s question had a bit of frustration and probably some obvious fear. I said, “I don’t know; I just KNOW we HAVE to GO!”   My brother looked thoughtful and then said, “Well, lets go ask mom what they do at church and what a church is.”   That struck me as a GREAT idea and I chirped “YA, LETS GO ASK MOM!”   We went into the kitchen where mom was fixing breakfast and I was asking the question on the way through the kitchen doorway, “MOM, what is a church and what do people do there?!”   Mom asked the first of a series of questions that showed me where my brother got his question. I went through all those same questions and answers again. Mom finally said, “Well a church is where they teach you about God; and they teach you about Jesus there too.” Being a good Jewish woman, she HAD to separate Jesus and God. I heard enough though. Right away I knew why I HAD TO go to church. I pestered my brother until he finally said he would go IF we could convince two brothers our same age, and our best friends, to go with us.   Our best friends were Charlie and Jimmy Kank. Charlie was the older brother about the same age as my older brother and Jimmy and I were the same age. They lived on the other side of a large gravel parking lot that stood between our two homes. Their mother passed away in the night and their dad woke up next to her in the morning. The loss and experience turned him into and alcoholic and they spent a lot of time at our house. Our mother sort of adopted them as sons and Jon and I adopted them like brothers.   I went to work on Jimmy immediately and my good friend helped me start working on his older brother. It was probably to shut me up but Charlie finally agreed to go and we headed for church the following Sunday. We went to a little Methodist church in the town that was then called Central Valley in California. It was about three miles from Shasta Dam.   When we got to church I wanted to sit up front and both older brothers wanted to sit in the back. We compromised and sat in the middle. The pastor went to the pulpit after a few Hymns. He opened his Bible and looked out at the crowed. He gave everyone a slight smile and said, “Today, my sermon is some people call the Jews the Christ Killers.”   I looked at my brother with amazement and said, “Maybe you were right, we should’a sat in the back.” I sank down lower in the pew and thought, “They know we are here! Mom’s business is ruined! How did they find out?!”   The pastor looked around and observed the reactions of the crowd for a moment then he said, “Some people claim Roman Catholics killed Jesus and some blame Italians.” He paused and then he continued, “Let me tell you something; the world and SIN killed Christ! Jesus said that if you receive Him as your Lord and savior, ‘henceforth I call you friend’. When they came to Him and told Him that His mother and brothers were looking for Him He looked around the room and He said ‘here, these who hear and do my word, these are my brethren’ and His word tells us that if we receive Him as our Lord and Savior we are no longer guilty of His blood! But, IF you do not know Him as your Lord and Savior then YOU are guilty of His blood and YOUR sins killed Christ! YOU are a Christ Killer no matter what race you are IF you do not know Jesus Christ as YOUR PERSONAL Lord and Savior!” He went through a number of scriptures and concluded with the alter call. I didn’t go up yet because I wanted to talk to the preacher first.   When the sermon was finished everyone headed for the basement for the pot luck feast at the end of every Sunday sermon. I waited and told my friends I would follow shortly. I went up to the Pastor and asked, “Are you SURE about what you said?!” He sat down with me and went through all the scriptures and showed me every one of them. He started by telling me that the Bible was and is the Word of God. He said, “If any man believes there is a God and that God created man then they MUST also believe that a God who created man has the power to make man write His book and write it perfectly, especially a willing man. There are a few translation problems from Hebrew and Greek to English but the bible is accurate enough to do the job.”   I said, “I want to receive Christ as my Savior and Lord then!” He told me to come again the next Sunday and he would have an alter call at the beginning of the service instead of having it at the end. I guaranteed him I would be there and so would my friends.   The next week he started with, “I am departing from the normal sequence for the praise and sermon” and he told everyone he felt there was someone who wanted to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. I jumped to my feet and ran to the front. I said the sinner’s prayer with the pastor, “Lord I know I am a sinner and I fall short of your glory. I pray you will forgive my sins and I want to receive your free gift of salvation. I know you died on the cross and paid the price of sin so that I would not have to. I receive you as my personal Lord and Savior. I give my life to you and I promise to serve you. Come into my life and take control. Holy Spirit come into me and make God’s word come alive in me. Empower me to live for God. I receive you Lord Jesus and I receive you Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you Father. Amen.” We covered all the bases so to speak. I went back and sat down and the pastor went through the rest of the sermon. The other three went forward not too long after that.   After that I attended children’s church and got the Jesus loves you teachings but no technical or heavy theological teachings. When the pastor gave a sermon on the prodigal son that voice came clear as clear can be. It said, “You ARE the prodigal son.”   I said, “Oh NO Lord; I know you too well. I am not going to do anything like that!” NEVER tell God He doesn’t know what He is talking about. If it is something bad repent and pray “God forbid” that thing from coming to pass…like Nineveh did!   When I hit thirteen, the Jewish age of accountability and adulthood, the Lord came to me and said, “I have been to you a Father and you have been to me a son. I have raised you in the way you aught to go. You are not me and it cannot go with you the way it went with me. All men must come to me in blind faith and then I will manifest myself to them. (“Manifest” means to show openly.) I am going to put you in the outer darkness and you must find me again.”   The next day I got up and all of a sudden it wasn’t so important to go to church. I thought maybe it was the church that was getting old and tried a Pentecostal or Full Gospel church for a while. The first time I heard Angelic Tongues and interpretation ‘it scared the daylights out of me’ and I stopped going to that church and started drifting further away from my walk with God. I ended up being the prodigal son just like Jesus told me I would. I spent many years backsliding and even went to a foreign land where I realized I was all messed up and I needed to take the journey back to my Father. The devil kept telling me he would make me suffer and he would make people call me crazy. In the next seven years or so I lost my Dad, Grandfather, Aunt, Mom, Uncle, two ladies like a second mother, best friends dad, had to leave my family to get them cared for and went through a divorce, and more. I didn’t care. I was determined to find that “right standing” again.   The next chapter will cover a few things that happened during those drifting years and all.   FOR GOD & COUNTRY!!   This is part of a chapter, with the same name, that will be in my next book “X-SPY EXPOSE”.

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"Everything about Noel and the things he has done are written here to show everyone what God will do through a person when a person is willing and obedient, trusting God completely. Noel wants everyone to know “IF YOU TRUST AND OBEY GOD”, the way Noel has, then things you like or see as wonderful in Noel’s stories and testimonies, WILL BE in your life too because God is NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS! What God did to and through the Apostles, He did to and through Noel AND HE WILL do these things to and through ALL who give God 100%. EVERYBODY made and makes mistakes! Church is the workout and practice place and Jesus THE CHRIST went on the cross so you do not have to worry about mistakes. They were erased by His blood before you made them and are remembered no more.  It IS NOT permissive license to besinful!  IT IS you do your best AND CHRIST DOES THE REST! Start with a little like Noel did. Be faithful and the little will grow! The 'light of scripture' shows us that we ARE given more as we stay faithful with a little and more is required as we grow; BUT IT IS ALWAYS CHRIST IN US and working through us "the hope of glory" as stated in Colossians. At Luke 12:48 KJV it is written that Jesus The Christ said, "But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." The more sin a person has committed the more God will do through that person to balance the books. Saul killed a great many Christians so God did miraculous things through Saul after he was converted and faithful as the Apostle Paul. Paul also gave us 13 KEY books of the New Testament! "

Noel says he was a king of sinners and God has been balancing the books. "Give God 100% control of your life with Jesus The Christ your Lord. Accept ALL the attributes of Christ. THEN GOD WILL balance your books!