Rapid Collision in Apache Junction receives four and a half stars.  They would have gotten five but they forgot to clamp a hose in place and the hose crimped
 and oil leaked.  For the cost we highly recommend these guys.


DD PRO AUTO REPAIR receives 5 stars

Business Hours Monday through Thursday 8AM to 6PM  Friday 8AM to 5PM  Saturday 8AM to 6PM  Closed Sunday
5014 N. 19th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85015
Owner Lee   "Tell them you saw this report on this web site!
They have our ministry endorsement for honesty and integrity in business as well as being a Faith Filled Brother in Christ .  He is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND endorsed by GGUMWW founder as well as excellent work with our ministry vehicles.


We are listing a consumer advisory report

for our viewers.


We would never ever recommend NEXSTAR GPS because I purchased one nice looking one and spent about 500 with the extended warranty and everything.  I got nothing but the run-around and hassles. By contacting the CEO's office, I finally got a replacement but it didn't work.  After that I got nothing so I have a 500 dollar paper weight. After that I bought a TOM TOM that was approximately a hundred dollars with life-time maps and updates for US, Canada and Mexico. The Nexstar had no updates.  So now for the five vehicles connected to this ministry, they all have TOM TOM's with lifetime maps and updates and it cost the same as one lousy not working Nexstar with no updates and no maps other than the US current when it was purchased. Nexstar wanted to charge for each additional map and update.

Richie Rich of the wrecking yard on Broadway advertised a BMW motor with 108,000 miles guaranteed and when we went to pick it up he claimed it came  out of his girlfriend's car and the car was running when they drove it in. It did not run over an hour in another car we put it in trying to help another minister. The mechanic who had been approved by Richie Rich called Richie Rich to come by and take a look at it and those efforts continued for a month before Richie Rich finally showed up. He told the mechanic he didn't know if the mechanic put the engine in right or not and left. The mechanic tore the motor apart and found evidence as to what caused the failure. He found hardened sludge and evidence of well over 300,00 miles or better. He called Richie Rich again and Richie Rich would not come to the phone. The mechanic made several attempts to get the motor returned.  Richie Rich avoided any attempts at further service. Seeing as it was the mileage was grossly misrepresented and we had been lied to when the motor had been taken from the car, the further actions, misrepresentations, and lack of service resulted in our calling for a charge back.  We found Richie Rich stalled for time where he tried to push it back past the time line and avoiding the return of the motor was so that he could claim he didn't get a motor back. The exchange core motor that he was given was in far better shape than the one we purchased. The lies and manipulations he told and one lie after another resulted in zero satisfaction. When they say buyer beware and purchase at your own risk we would would highlight beware and risk.

Do not ever take your vehicle to any Chevron car wash drive through.  The rotating brushes do not clear themselves of debris from previous vehicles.  If a jeep with mud goes through before you, the dirt and gravel stays in the brushes and your car will be damaged and Chevron will deny it.  Also if the brushes are adjusted to tight, this will seriously damage your vehicle especially convertible tops as the pressure damages the mechanism of the convertible tops and also leaves streak marks.  You will not be compensated.  We know!  Our suggestion is to use gentle flap type car washes if you must or better yet use a hand wash business and make sure you watch to see your vehicle is actually being hand washed.

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