Notice effective 07-07-2016.  There was an IRS ERROR that has been officially corrected.  We always have been and remain in good standing and our 501C3 is authorized and solid.

All donations worldwide are tax deductible according to the rules and regulations of your state.

Privacy Policy for Web-site:

In ministry confidentiality between a Pastor or Counselor and parishioners or peoples being ministered to is a matter of law and unbreakable. We consider this to be a ministry site and your financial information and purchases; along with personal information, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and everything else personal; is guarded as steadfastly and seriously as doctor patient and attorney client is. No information is shared with anyone without the expressed consent of you.

Return Policy for web-site:

Any and all defective merchandise will be replaced upon the return of defective merchandise. Cost of returned merchandise shipping will be refunded with the replacement that is shipped. Buyers have 30 days from date of purchase or twenty days from date of shipping, whichever is greater to notify Glory to God United Ministries Worldwide of any such problem. After Glory to God united Ministries Worldwide is notified, buyers have 5 working days to ship the return with return authorization notes included. Send a copy of receipt and postal receipt to prove purchase price and to prove shipping costs.


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or by calling direct to (480) 319-5627.

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Donations: Please prayerfully consider a donation as we have been approved to build a Bible College in Vietnam. We need 20,000 dollars to get the book for our document printed in English and Vietnamese and to have a Christian Grant Writing Group start seeking grants so that we can build the college and churches in Vietnam. We have the best 501c3 attorney in the US and an attorney who specializes in this field. We are approved by IRS and we have established a procedure to follow to keep building churches and expanding the college. Thank you!

We are officially listed as a 501 (c) (3) organizationand therefore we need your donations.  you can donate in general or you can donate specifically just let us know and we can send you a confirmation and if you need a tax form let us knw.

To Whom It May Concern:
          Too many people have gone to get help from one group or another, or from government, only to hear they ‘fall through the crack’ and get sent away with nothing. Too many have had to go through embarrassing or demeaning experiences trying to get help! Our ministry has helped in EVERY field as the Lord provides. For decades Founder Noel Benoist D. D. spent his inheritance and any earnings helping others while taking no salary for himself. He says he wanted to be like Paul and owe no person anything but AGAPE’ LOVE! He has succeeded in this from SEPTEMBER 1979 to this present day.
           We minister to, and have ministered to, ALL AGES AND RACES as well as individuals and groups who are Veterans, elderly, disabled, youth, young adults, college students, and more. We have restored storm damaged homes, gotten vehicles fixed, given vehicles to those in need, helped people with legal problems, and more. The need has proven to be far greater than the supply so far.
          WE NEED to train more people in how to do what we do! Now we need to increase the supply with the labor base, and we need your help. ALL donations help us help others! We currently have a record of having 100% of donations going to people being ministered to because our founder paid administrative costs personally. As of January 5, 2015, this changed to fit IRS mandates. Our founder is only allowed to give a small percentage.
           We are working on putting a Bible College on the web and can take people all the way from Associate Degree in Theology to Doctorate in Theology. We are also the FIRST approved to put a Bible College in SAIGON, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have been invited to travel and minister in Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, France, England, New Zealand, New Guinea, Germany, the Philippines, and several states in the USA.
          As of January 5, 2015 this ministry has become recognized by the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, as a National and International Gospel Ministry. Now Noel still takes no salary and all our people are volunteers. There is a difference in funding though. Founder Noel cannot put in the vast majority of the money any more or we become a private charitable organization. Please prayerfully consider  supporting this ministry!

In The AGAPE’ Love of God,

His Servant and Ministry Founder

Noel T. Benoist D. D.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

II Corinthians 9:7 from NKJV"Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudginglyor of necessity, for God loveth a cheerful giver."


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