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As an Apostel who has trained hundreds of Prophets, Evangelists, and Pastors; I have also seen and worked with hundreds more. Totals would likely go into the thousands. I have never seen a Pastor with a greater Pastor/Teacher Anointing than that of Pastor Mark Driscoll.

He IS WORLD CLASS! From just born again to fighting spiritual warfare, I HIGHLY recommend a constant intake of his teaching sermons. If our advanced teachings leave you confused spend time in the Pastor Mark teachings and then try our teachings again. Do this until understanding opens up and then USE your new maturity for the unity and maturity of ALL who know or are learning who and what God is! THEN the Bride WILL be ready for the Bridegroom!

Apostel Noel Benoist
by the Grace and authority of the Lord (a servant always)

For our Vietnamese Brothers and Sisters see below:

This is from Bai Hoc Tu Kinh Thanh  The spelling is without accents.

Visit Noel Benoist's Facebook account and click on anything that looks like Vietnamese.  You will see the ministry at work in many peoples lives.  The friends are numerous and it would be just a duplication to post their photos here on this web site.  It is however worth adding what Noel would like to share here to encourage you to look there which relates to the ministry in Vietnam.  It might be that you don't have a Facebook account.  This will give you a small insight to the ministry.

Our Brothers in Christ with the same five-fold ministry emphasis is Life's Destiny Church with services located in Mesa Arizona.

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