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There are many interpretations of the Rabbi and his text.  Some say he saw the 'antichrist' because of what he wrote in his notes.  Would it be much simpler to be ready for Christ's return at any time and be thankful He has given time to minister to those in need and to win others for Christ. If you believe in Christ as your Savior, then of course know these things mark the close proximity of His return.  He will find you and remember you and rescue you from the evils to come.  Pray for family and friends and walk accordingly that those who are confused will see your faith and love and thereby they may understand the truth of what is written more so what the Bible says about the end times not what man says.

Ariel Sharon
Former Prime Minister of Israel has died

The Special Messianic Prophecy 
about the Messiah is Revealed

A Tribute by Richard Shakarian
Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel was a friend. I first met him in Israel the day that the terrible human bombing began. It started with a bus being blown up in Jerusalem. Even with that, Prime Minister Sharon met me with his cabinet and 2 of my Christian friends. Later we had time together in Washington DC.

One of the most famous Rabbis in Jerusalem gave an amazing prophecy about the Messiah coming shortly after Sharon's passing.
In 2007 Rabbi Kaduri died at 108 years old, 200,000 people paid their respects to this great Rabbi in Jerusalem. He said he knew the Messiah because the Messiah had visited him in the last year of his life. He wrote the name of the Messiah in a note and asked that it not be opened until a year after his death.
The cryptic note revealing the name of the Messiah was revealed on Rabbi Kaduri's website and the message claimed the Messiahs name is Yehoshua (Jesus). Rabbi Kaduri even went further claiming that when Ariel Sharon dies that the Messiah will soon after make his long awaited appearance.

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