NO MATTER who the person is, or what group they are connected to, the facts need to be out without insult.  Anything else is dumb.


1. OBAMA and Democrats are as much behind this as anyone.  Reference H Report 113-167 and see the 112th and 113th Congress and then research HR 687 to see how this was laced into the Defense bill.

2. The so called "protections of the sacred lands" are NO protection because:

A. The secretary of the interior CAN grant Mining permits to the company OVER the objections of the tribe!

B. The "block Mining" is PROVEN to make the above sink down and surfaces are destroyed.

C. Mining companies like the one in this, especially foreign companies who just go home and divide the wealth, then form a new company, have always left a pollution problem. The Iron Mountain mine in Northern California, the mine in Sedona, and many more. You CAN find bunches with Google!

3. The politicians memorialized Kayla Mueller and Senator John McCain quoted her in, "some people find God in nature"! THIS IS A PERFECT STATEMENT REVEALING WHY THE APACHE ARE SO UPSET ABOUT THESE INJUSTICES! THEY HAVE FOUND, AND FIND, GOD IN NATURE.

4. The "American Indian" faced total extinction if they did not sign the treaties and give up their lands. This IS a contract with a gun held to the head and void from its beginning as though it never existed. The land rightfully belongs to the Apache people!

5. Laws were ignored in order to get this injustice done and THAT makes the action void!

6. IF sacred land is not safe churches are not safe and the property of every American is not safe!

7. IF people look at the picture languages of the original text of the Bible and the picture of the Great Nations like Apache, Sioux, and others; they will find we already had Christianity.

A. The Creator IS CHRIST and this IS in the Christian Bible at John 1.

B. The Eagle IS CHRIST shown by the Eagle face on the Cherub in Revelations. (The original people refer to His various character points and attributes just like the Hebrew children did with Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Rafa, Jehovah Jirah, and more. This is shown in the Old Testament.)

C. The Great White Father IS the Father of CHRISTIANS.

D. The Great Spirit IS the Holy Spirit of CHRISTIANS.






 I also told Senator McCain that the tribes of Arizona and the nation feel betrayed by an old friend and he NEEDS to get with the San Carlos Chairman to get things set right.

Most of the "INDIAN and Christian" conflict is; two peoples from different upbringing and ways of expression are saying the same thing with each claiming the other is saying something different.

 C ontacts:

 500 plus tribes by email

 AIM DENNIS BANKS 763-242-4242

 Wounded Knee DeCompo 707-373-7195

Angel Heart SSP-RIT 707-712-7038 (510-541-0271?)

AIM Spiritual Leader Fred Short 209-352-6378

Attorney Howard Shanker 480-838-9300

Levi Rickert 248-341-3535 not working cell 616-299-7542


                     Happy Easter 2017!  Praise God! We serve a Risen Savior Who Lives.  Happy Eternity with Him!

As an Apostle of the Lord by HIS GRACE & POWER; I was shown the body of Christ IN the LIGHT OF SCRIPTURE & SPIRIT OF THE LORD. I was MADE TO KNOW a great many things. One is how the body has been divided by the enemies of righteousness AND how God is calling the body back to UNITY & MATURITY THROUGH THE AGAPE’ OF GOD; which is to say THE SELFLESS SACRIFICIAL LOVE OF A GOD WHO IS THAT LOVE AND WHO WANTS HIS CHILDREN TO REFLECT THAT LOVE! This does not mean we give the heavenly treasures to our enemies by allowing terrorists to scare people into fleeing to other countries so that their radicals can hide among the refugees and spread around the world by way of the good intentions of others. It means those who show true fruits of righteousness need to unite and accept many differences of operations and theology. One body has many different parts from liberal to conservative AND some parts considered unclean. The lower intestines and anus are very unclean AND very needed by the body!

The ministry of Tommy Barnett is likened to the heart of the body and had a primary anointing and target of getting people to find the LOVE in their heart and experience the blessings of God when the people do things through LOVE and because of LOVE! There was never competition and this resulted in near 400 ministries directly connected to Phoenix First Assymbly of God under the leadership of Tommy Barnett! Many ministries and ministers have been birthed through this ministry and others like it.

Joel Osteen has a primary ministry to get people to realize they are who they believe, IN THEIR HEART AND MIND, they are; then get them to use who they are for God the way God wants them to do it. It is a birthing ministry with messages of more being available and the need for growth by and through God. An encouraging message is there to motivate people to become all they can be and do it for God’s glory to then experience blessings from God. This will prayerfully make people hungry for more.

          Joyce Meyers has an anointing to get people to be REAL with their self and others; then improve their reality and create a reality that will please and glorify God. Her main target is women because women receiving from women is a tendency of mankind and the flesh we live in. As people make progress the male and female barriers start to fade WITHOUT becoming “GAY” – a term the homosexual movement hijacked from the rest of the world so that it no longer means happy or joyful. It now refers to homosexual. Evil has hijacked a bunch of what was once holy! IT IS TIME FOR THE RIGHTEOUS TO START SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT BY PROPER USE OF LOVING HANDS AND LIPS!

(By their fruits you will know them and evil is a thief who hijacked “gay”; hijacked ‘The Harvest Festival’ now Halloween with witches, demons, and more evil characters as a high Satanic anti-holy day! On that day the so called “church of Satan”, “church” being hijacked to hide what is a “cult”, calls for young virgin male and female human, as well as animal, sacrifice! It is in their calendar circulated through law enforcement! THAT evidence should be enough to EXCLUDE them from being defined as a church or religion! The government allows their status and activities by granting them 501c church status! Christmas is being hijacked and destroyed! Easter, “Passover” or ‘Resurrection of Christ Day for Christian Passover’, was highjacked into Easter with rabbits laying eggs from chickens. Find that Rabbit and you are a billionaire! Christians should take ALL these holidays back! Restore Halloween as Harvest Festival then celebrate the Harvest with 10% of everything going to God and 25% for the poor! Then let ministries unite and administer all the social programs! This would relieve government of those duties so government could focus on development, law enforcement, health, and safety. Cost of government would go way down and become more effective! All of the social programs would also become more effective. Put moral guidelines back in the development of laws. Restore the intent of the founders who did not want state controlled church but DID WANT church influence in state. Church is NOT supposed to be Salem witch trials style church AND it is NOT supposed to be dead or powerless.)

          Mark Driscoll has an anointing to get people to be real AND LEARN the things God wants people to learn, then use their gifts from God FOR GOD with AGAPE’ being what is the mold we ALL need to fit! He does a very anointed job of getting people to realize “work out your own salvation” and “get the log out of your eye so you can help others with their splinter”! His teaching anointing to build strong Christians dedicated to unity and maturity AND it is the greatest I have ever been blessed to hear, help, and work with. Learning everything a person can learn with Mark WILL build a solid spiritual foundation and prevent future failure through SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS & PRIDE. We ARE supposed to be powerful AND humble! The GLORY belongs to the Lord God ALL MIGHTY, ALL KNOWING, AND IN ALL WAYS ALWAYS EVERYWHERE❣️ ALL WE DO AND SAY IS TO BE BY ORDER OF GOD OR BY PERMISSION FROM GOD; AND IN AGREEMENT WITH THE WORDS GOD HAS GIVEN US PROPERLY INTERPRETED THROUGH AGAPE’ AND THE PICTURES OF SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING❣️

          The ministry of T. D. Jakes has an anointing targeting more maturity in believers and an awareness in the common man for an awakening of people everywhere. He has an anointed way of getting people to see physical things in the spiritual so as to awaken a better spiritual life that produces better spiritual and physical results.

          My ministry targets the full body of Christ for unity and maturity while taking people into the fullness of the miraculous; keeping them on track and on target; with their feet firmly planted in Holy Ground. I build a more clear spiritual picture understanding for the transformation of the physical and production of righteous spiritual reality❣️


The first town God sent me to had a number of pastors who were divided against each other. God worked it His strange ways and performed the wonders of pulling the Pastors together. The first American Indian reservation I was sent to, and almost every one after, had the same problem of divisions AND the lack of seeing TRUTH by seeing the picture, or light of scripture, when they should realize the picture language better than most. These problems create more divisions and problems through legalism that kills, “quenches”, The Spirit of God. The Bible instructs mankind NOT to do that❣️ THE SPIRIT OF AGAPE’ LOVE BREEDS LIFE💖☝🏽❣️

y personal blood line is mostly from American Indian and Hebrew tribes.


We would like to congratulate David Bui for his graduation from Movie Production.  God moved the Board of Directors to provide David with our Honda Accord.  Should anyone be interested, he certainly could use time in the ministry to develope a movie project.  Give us a call at 480 319 5627; ask for Noel.

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Senate passed a measure authorizing the nation’s defense programs Friday, and along with it managed to give lands sacred to Native Americans to a foreign company that owns a uranium mine with Iran.
The $585 billion National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 is one of the must-pass pieces of legislation that Congress moves every year. But like they did in attaching extraneous riders to the must-pass government funding bill, lawmakers used the defense bill as a vehicle to pass a massive public lands package.
The bill sailed through on a vote of 89 to 11.
Many of the land measures were popular. But one, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act, had twice failed to win support in the House of Representatives, blocked both by conservationists and conservatives.
The deal gives a subsidiary of the Australian-English mining firm Rio Tinto 2,400 acres of the Tonto National Forest in exchange for several other parcels so it can mine a massive copper deposit.
The Iran connection comes from a uranium mine in Namibia, in which Tehran has owned a 15 percent stake since the days of the shah.
Rio Tinto, which removed Iran’s two members of the mine board in 2012, has argued that Iran gets no benefit from the property, that there is no active partnership, and that it has discussed the issue with the U.S. State Department to ensure that no sanctions against Iran are violated.
A State Department spokesperson confirmed that officials had discussed the site, but declined to say that they could assure there were no violations of sanctions.

“We are aware of the mine in question and have discussed relevant compliance issues with the company,” the spokesperson said.
The official also declined to say if, as might be expected, Iran would be able to benefit from the mine if Secretary of State John Kerry is successful in negotiations to limit the regime’s nuclear aspirations, and sanctions are lifted. “We are not going to speculate on any hypotheticals,” the official said. A Rio Tinto official also declined to speculate, but noted that under the current sanctions and Namibian law, it's impossible to buy out Iran's share or sever the tie.
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) mounted a bid to strip the entire lands package from the bill, but secured only 18 votes in his favor.
It’s not only people concerned about any benefit Iran might get who were worried about giving American forest land to a foreign firm that has such a connection.
Native Americans, particularly the Apache tribe in the area, say digging a massive mine under their ancestral lands will destroy sacred ceremonial and burial grounds.
Rio Tinto says it will work closely with the tribes to ensure their concerns are heard, and will work with the U.S. Forest Service to protect the environment.
The measure was added into the NDAA largely thanks to the efforts of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who, along with fellow Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, sees the project as an economic boon that will create 3,700 jobs over several decades.
Flake acknowledged that the deal never would have passed on its own, even as he lamented the process that got it through the Senate.
“It’s never good to see big packages with so many things in them -- that’s what we want to get away from,” Flake said. “But it’s been very difficult to move individual pieces of legislation over the last few years.”
In this case, the addition of the Arizona swap and the other land measures were never discussed in public, and were added during secret negotiations between the House and Senate Armed Services Committee. the deal was never publicly revealed until the House started work on passing the entire defense bill last week.
It will become law as soon as President Barack Obama signs it. Rio Tinto, though subsidiary Resolution Copper, will take possession of the land a year later. Although the land will then be private property and federal environmental reviews will no longer be enforceable, the company said in a statement after the measure passed that it would abide by such reviews. It also pledged to be a good neighbor:
“Resolution Copper Mining is pleased that the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act passed the House of Representatives and the Senate with strong bipartisan support. Passage of the legislation means that Resolution Copper can move forward with the development of this world-class ore body which will create approximately 3,700 jobs, generate over $60 billion in economic impact and result in almost $20 billion in state and federal tax payments,” said project director Andrew Taplin.

"There is much more work to be done before commercial mining can begin and Resolution Copper looks forward to working with all stakeholders as we continue to progress through the regulatory review process toward responsible development and operation of a world-class copper mine that will safely produce over 25 percent of the current annual demand for copper in the United States.”

Once the legislation is signed into law by President Obama, Resolution Copper will focus on the comprehensive environmental and regulatory review under NEPA, where there will be broad public consultation, government-to-government consultation with Arizona Native American tribes and a comprehensive valuation appraisal of the copper deposit as required by Congress.

Resolution Copper plans to work to expand existing partnerships and create new ones with neighboring communities and Native American Tribes. The company will endeavor to hire locally and regionally whenever possible.

The heart of the legislation is the exchange of 2,400 acres of federally owned land above the copper deposit for 5,300 acres of land owned by Resolution Copper composed of valuable recreational, conservation and culturally significant land throughout Arizona. Congressional leaders made significant improvements to the legislation to address community, environmental and tribal concerns. These changes include provisions for completion of a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prior to the exchange of title, extraordinary protections for historic Apache Leap, and safe access to the Oak Flat Campground after the exchange has been completed.
Michael McAuliff covers Congress and politics for The Huffington Post. Talk to him on Facebook.