TO: Every member of Congress, the Press, and every American                 February 5, 2010

            The material in this joint intelligence report is from two official sources who were high enough to have the access required to give you, the reader valid information. One source is Chief Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson, who was “overt” in his career. The other source was “covert” and the “REAL” record and story were sealed “in the interest of National Security” and then they were destroyed after altered records replaced the real ones and real material had “leaked” out. That source is yours truly, the author of this letter and contributor to the report. I was the first “whistle blower” calling for reform in our intelligence community.

            IF the information and material in this report is not thoroughly investigated and developed by “neutral and efficient” investigators beyond reproach and “untouchable” by those being investigated; then America will soon be another byline of history “once a great nation”. Our ‘good name’ will be beyond repair and, as for the “good” people who are working in intelligence and trying to do the right job the right way and for the right reasons; they will be victims of the misleading information that has long had them committing wrongs against good patriotic Americans and friends of America.

            After I found the truth and I knew what was going on, I got out. I was once “Internal Affairs” for MJ 12, also known as MJ XII, MAJ COM, and the other names referring to what we used to call “The Inner Sanctum”. It was said, when I ‘signed on the dotted line’; “You expire or retire. That is now the only way out.” I am the only one who ever got out by other means and lived to tell about it. NOT to say they didn’t try to prevent the rest of my life and story; they did. The hand of God was on me when I was in and when I got out. That hand is still on me to this day. It put Ted Gunderson back in my life and he started investigating as soon as he could.

I am not looking for fame or fortune. I am only looking to do what I took a solemn oath to do, “Defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic”. The people I served only care about THEIR power and control with the belief that they will one day rule the world. They feel they MUST do this because the rest of the people of the world are too naïve or stupid to do it for themselves. This outfit lies to any and every perceived enemy of their end! I once approached them with “smoking gun” evidence that we have killed our own Presidents and other world leaders under circumstances that could only be classified as “murder”. I was told, “The law and the military are to keep the masses under control. We ARE the law. The end justifies the means and we decide both end and means. We tell the President and anyone else what we feel they ‘need to know’ in order to get the decision we want. We will block any investigation ‘in the interest of National Security’ and we will buy or burry anyone who gets in our way!” HOW TRUE THE STATEMENT, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”! I was called a fraud, crazy, dangerous, you name it: Ted Gunderson knew better and he found facts and recommended investigation! They attacked him instead of doing their job. He could not do this until he retired so they would not and could not kill his retirement. It was a smart move on his part because MJ12 would have gone after him to keep him poor and unable to speak out or kill him. The other choice tactic is “Smear and Fear”.


Noel T. Benoist D. D.

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