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Tae poses well even though he has a DAE style body, a one piece torso. With attention to body language, Tae will come alive and be a valuable friend in your BJD collection.

"The Orient Doll Company "TAE is a 1/4 scale 16&1/2" BJD resin doll complete as shown. Look below for more set pictures of Tae in other outfits.  He has many custom features. He has three clean ear piercings. One piercing in his left ear has an ear-ring. The lobe piercings have body rings. He has a nice face-up with upper and lower soft black eye lashes blue acrylic eyes. His body blushing  includes finger and toe nail paint. He has several body tattoos but they are easily removed. This BJD is no longer available as the company closed their shop in 2008. This is an authentic BJD verified by Leekeworld. Leekeworld has since sold  all of their products so this makes Tae very rare. He has red/white men's fly front briefs and wears what is considered Harajuku or Kawaii fashion or Kei fashion or Boy London gender-less style. The Boy London feature is from his necklace with the Eagle and its red stone. He has a white leather wallet on a chain tucked into his hip pocket. He has white cotton socks and white brogans. His white belt and accent belt on his beanie complete the style. Added to this is his finger-less thumb hole arm warmers and neck throw. He does not have any yellowing or discolorations  and his limbs are still strong and he can stand on his own. He comes with his original box, the white blanket and now there is a certificate of authenticity from Leekeworld. A copy of the certificate is seen below with number redacted.

Height 42cm, 1/4 scale, 16&1/2 inches

Head size is smaller at 5.5 inches a size 1/6 for wigs or 5"

Eyes 8mm

Neck 7.5

Chest 17.5

Shoulder 10.5

Shoulderto wrist 7.5

Elbow to wrist 7

Waist 14.5

Hips 16

Wrist 5.5

Thigh 11.5

Knee to heel 14

Leg length 22

Foot length 5

This is Tae wearing Doll Zone Megi 2 outfit with Doll Zone knee high boots.The horse is a prop.

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For the ladies, TAE dresses best in classic casual attire. He is one fine 'HUNK'!

This is TAE wearing an authentic white tie tuxedo. He wears a wig by Liv-World. This photo is to let viewers know Liv-World wigs do work but Tae does not pose well in them. Maybe two of the many work including one of their purple wigs but not to Tae's liking.

Redacted Certificate. Handmade certificate is included Number issued by Leekeworld as authentic.

Tae is wearing Tremmel's outfit and as it turns out this outfit is from the Tudor Rose period of Henry the VIII or from The Tudor Rose Vampire Chronicles the Kiss of the Rose. From the advertisement on Mystic Kids site, the view pictures show the rose used as a prop. It isn't available from Mystic Kids but as you see in this photo rose buds are sold and these are included here for props and visual aids to show the many possibilities for Tae. He has a necklace with vial and inside the vial is the poison rose bud. He carries a handmade walking stick and has white gloves and a handmade top hat . This outfit is spectacular! It is very heavy and well made and the cloak is made of velvet. What identified this outfit, was the discovery of the lapel pins. The lapel pins have the Crown of England. With the crown and the rose there is no mistake this is a true Count from the Tudor Rose period of high fashion. His blouse/shirt is very much the style and lace for men was common and so were high collars.

This is TAE wearing Mystic Kids Tremmel outfit. Tae has a human head but one version was as a Vampire!

Wig correct but now it is covered by the Top Hat

After a bit of sewing, the cap fits nicely!

He is wearing Doll Zone's Megi 2 outfit which turns out to be an Argentinean Gaucho's traditional rancher's outfit. He  comes with a beret cap and satchel. Tae's head is smaller than most BJD at 5.5". He wears a 1/6 scale wig. He can wear the cap because Doll Zone custom designed it for Tae. This is for viewers to see how well Tae looks in classic fashions. The horse, baton, or travel bag are not available.

The inner shirt and vest of the Megi 2 outfit with added handkerchief necktie.

The Orient Doll Company MSD Doll Tae, a rare and unique 42cm Ooak Custom BJD RESIN DOLL!                      NOTE: Tae is no longer for sale!

The Navy or Aviator jacket and white shirt make a beautiful statement. The boots  are shown here to let viewers see how well items fit Tae and bring him to life. You might not notice but his wig is on backwards! The next photo is how the wig should be worn.